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Profile Updated: August 11, 2009
Residing In: Nashville, TN USA
Spouse/Partner: Erin
Children/Grandchildren/Great-Grandchildren: Emma 3 1/2
Nicholas 1 1/2
What keeps you busy? musician/ catering owner - guess which pays?
Homepage: facebook
Yes! Attending Reunion
Bring us up to speed. It's been a LONG time.

toured eau claire briefly....kicked around milwaukee playing music.the sneaks, the carpet surfers, rocket scientists, american dream, bob olsen and roshambo, southbound and other cheesily named outfits. east side before it looks like now was my home for 15 years...drove to so. and no. cal numerous times and all points in between(tuscon ,tucumcari and tonopah etc although in a toyota truck , not a big rig) .....made it as far as a beach in au nang, thailand and los barillas at the tip of the baja peninsula in mexico.....left for nashville around 94, met my wonderful wife at the catering business which we now own , shes an slp in the metro nashville public school system and we have two kids emma (4 in september and nick , 2 in december) ....still writing songs and chasing the music thing but have it on hold a little bit due to aforementioned happenings, Ill be rockin till Im in a rockin chair.........surprising how fast the pages turn , isnt it? memories of wfb days coming soon, kids are going crazy right now, sure youve all been there?

Any favorite high school teachers? Funny memory about them or have a school story?

The real reason if the truth be known that I switched from marquette to wfb was really quite simple , girls. Over the summer before our sophomore year I was looking at joe corcorans yearbook( I was at marquette freshman year and also to be honest it sucked taking the bus home after football and baseball practices) but the girls were kind of the closer on the deal. So the week before school sophomore year I talked my parents into letting me switch to the bay and the rest is history(kind of). Somebody had mentioned to coach happel(sp?) that I played football at marquette and being the no stone unturned type of coach he was , tracked me down after school and said he would love to have me on the team. I was a bit baffled as to the circumstances but happy to play ball even though I didnt think I would ever play. That thursday was my first post gradeschool organized tackle football game. I think it was hale , maybe a tosa school. What I do remember is they had me return punts and towards the end of the game I took a punt towards the left sideline setting up frank for a killer clip, errr I mean block which cleared the way for a game winning punt return for td. A week or so later frank kicked a 40 + fg to win another game, that still is amazing to me(its a long fg for those of you not in the know , for a sophomore anyway). Coach Happel developed a phenomenal formula, Tradewell would qb the passing downs and I would play qb on the running downs and I know what youre thinking.....it took about 2 minutes for opposing teams to figure that one out. I do recall dropping back to throw on the occassion where we might try and play some mind games with the other team and not seeing anything but absolute chaos, a mix of pass rushers and blockers and not a clue as to where the receivers were, I always ran anyway. Obviously the next year alby and the crew figured out qb was not exactly my strong suit......trying to get into senior parties our junior year( seems the girls always had a little more success), usually ended up watching snl at somebodys house I think. I vividly recall perl holding court and pontificating at that room you could go to that was the cafeteria for your library(study) period....I was impressed by anybody that had any luck sexually to that point so perls stories had me starstruck. played a lot of basketball with jarvis and ej and that crew (lunchtime I think) maybe some connection between basketball at lunch and lack of luck with the opposite sex. maybe? todd duvall was a good friend from baseball and somehow that year I started walking to and from school with guy who was my best friend through high school. lots of parties the next couple of years (hence the hazy memory) summer softball games, basketball games(chauntz running to halfcourt after a barnabys pregame) track , baseball and football sticks with me to this day, it really was a blast having such a great time our sr year and being such a good team( to many things to get into there) but this is my favorite....our first varsity game v central ( a 6-0 L) but at the end of the 3rd quarter jon krill and I were the only 2 guys on the field that ran to the other end. my first taste of quasi-stardom at the afs show playing a CDB song(uneasy rider) with dietz and the boys shouting out drunken and other inspiration. got 100 on a physics test I studied for with plaster , frauen and some others with some mickeys big mouths (no , it doesnt work all the time) I really didnt have a clue what I was doing with ANYTHING but especially with the opposite sex , heres to all the girls that broke my heart and vice versa if that may have even happened....heres to a lifetime of memories, riding in hoffs duster, hanging out at fans house, intramural basketball, 12 tan dudes, great parties , great friends, fantastic to have heard from so many folks lately, chasing girls, the big brown station wagon I drove and then the green amc wagon after that....remember alot of peoples cars for some reason, sports most of all, summerfest( earl scruggs at the schlitz stage) supertramp with pablo cruise, a couple outlaws shows, prom both years, funny I dont really remember much about school but I know now we had a lot of really good teachers,beating gunnvilles with the biggest collection of ragtag misfits(rates' pitching was the only reason really) everything has really been covered already but I love reading everybody elses thoughts and memories.......talk to y'all soon(dont really use that in conversation so apologies to all southerners that make it sound cool)

List two (2) favorite present songs and (2) favorite songs from high school.

Hurry Sundown - Outlaws
Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits

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