Clayton Luz

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Spouse/Partner: Annoying cats
What keeps you busy? Writing stories, kayaking, running, ringing doorbells...
Bring us up to speed. It's been a LONG time.

In 2011, I moved full-time to Pine Island, Florida. This is the place I used to retreat to when I lived in Chicago. I'm a health care writer in Fort Myers by day and island dweller at night/weekends. Good contrast: urban/nature. Not crazy about the sand in my bed or the sun in my eyes all the time, but I'm dealing with it. I don't miss Chicago. Well, I do miss the urban pulse. I'm the only bachelor on the island who hasn't broken his hip. Pine Island: a drinking island with a fishing problem. Ye Olde Florida. 8k residents during low season, 15k during "season." If you want fancy, you'll have to go next door to Sanibel Island.

List two (2) favorite present songs and (2) favorite songs from high school.

Hotel California

I have no current favorites. I'm a fuddy-duddy. Isn't there someone named Gaggle or Gabby or something? Gaga, maybe? I dunno...

Which Elementary School did you attend?

Henry Clay. I was named after him, btw. True. My father named me after the "Great Orator."

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