Searching for Classmates


Our committee is searching high and low to bring us together again.  If your name is listed below we hope you'll consider reconnecting with the Class of '79!  The more the merrier...

First time visitor?  Haven't created a Profile?  Follow these steps: 

1.  Find your name on the list below, click on it and then click "JOIN HERE" 
2.  Fill out the form. Include as much information as you are willing to share.
3.  You can protect your Profile from the general public by checking the “Profile Visibility” box. A lock icon will appear next to your name on the class list. Only your logged-in classmates will be able to see your Profile.
4.  Click on "Save Changes" at the bottom of your Profile form.
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Do you have a Classmate's email you want to share? Click on the classmate’s name below and put in their email address (an email will be sent to invite him/her to join the site) OR click on “Contact Us” in the upper left of our Home Page to send us a message with the classmate’s name and email.

Andy Stillman, Cathy Nichols Markson, Susan Brand Vranek and Suzanne Rice Schorr

Debra Baum
Jay Bradbury
Martha Brenk
Linda Burgess
Andre Carter
Catherine Caskey
Christine Catalano
Matthew Cavanaugh
William Collins
Joseph Corcoran
Mary Davenport
Matthew Edwards
Rhonda Edwards
Robert Ferguson
Bernard Gama
Sara Ghaemmaghami
Lorrie Hamilton
Mark Haxton
David Hildebrand
Catherine Hinkes
Peter Holzman
William Hunt
Linda Jacobs
Pamela Jodat
Brian Kelley
Martha Kinsley
Marguerite Kirkby
Linda Jo Kmiecik
Seiji Kodakawa
Angeline Lue
Sherri Makela
Julie Makinen
Richard Marshall
Thomas Miller
Patrick Murray
Crystal Nelson
Richard Nowak
Christopher Owan
Steven Paeschke
Sherri Piper
Sara Polivka
Anne Pufahl
Susan Quentel
Ann Quilling
Michael Rater
Tracy Runge
Katherine Salamun
Robert Schmitt
Daniel Segel
Joan Stroika
Patricia Stuiber (Yarbrough)
Stephen Twining
Kim Waldman
Mary Walker
Victoria Wilkinson
Bridget Wolstenholme
Carol Zippel
Andrew Zuckerman